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Only the Lonely
11 May 2009 @ 11:58 pm

This made my night.
Only the Lonely
29 June 2008 @ 12:46 am

Current Mood: cynicalkick ass
Only the Lonely
12 May 2008 @ 11:52 pm
 school is over! huzzah! i made b's and and an a, so i'm happy.

i auditioned for high school musical tonight, which is wasn't planning on doing. but it's gonna be a fun way to spend the summer.  the dancing was intense though. i'm so awkward and i can;t spot. i ended uop behind monica at one point, and we were in the same line. but the singing and acting were pretty easy. we'll see

my birthday party is gonna be 90's themed, and it will be splendid.

speaking of brithdays, mina and shanyn will be home. that's my birthday present enough.

Only the Lonely
06 April 2008 @ 05:42 pm
My phone short circuited or something on Thursday. I've been sliding my SIM card into various t-mobile phones since then. But I'm not gonna lie. I don't mind not having it so much. It's kind of freeing. I know I probably SHOULD get a new one, what with this crazy modern world we're living in always keeping us connected. But there's a huge part of me that just wants to just keep my SIM card and use it when I need it.
Current Mood: contentphoneless
Only the Lonely
03 April 2008 @ 01:00 am

School, work, Ballyhoo. All sucking the life out of me. Same story, different day I guess. I love being busy, but I'm all but totally burnt out now. I'm going to take a long break after the show opens and I get my nights back. No shows for a whule. I'll tech High School Musical in the summer MAYBE, but I'm just gonna chill for a while. 

The Last Night of Ballyhoo opens April 4 at the Harbor Playhouse at 8:00 PM. Come see it!

And I need to write a cause & effect essay for english class that requires some research. At least 2 sources. Any ideas?
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: Leona Lewis "The Best You Never Had"
Only the Lonely
01 March 2008 @ 08:36 pm
forever and a day  since an update. my last one was might bleak. still in mourning, btw.

tenor ended about a month ago. it was one of the best shows i;ve ever doen, and certainly the funniest. and i got to work with a pretty stellar group of people. it never got thje attention it deserved, but we had really appreciative houses. looking forward to a drunken sammy reunion.

slowly trudging through the semester. mid terms are coming up, oh joy of joys. i'm trying to brainstorn a good comparison and contrast essay idea. any suggestions are welcome. i have a crush on a fellow in my english. like, full on smitten. he's in the navy, and he's a journalism major who works for the talk radio station. he's ridiculously intelligent. he always debates with this douche bag psuedo revolutionary and puts him in his place. he's marvelous. my other classes are pretty much a breeze. 

work is so tiring as usual. there's a part of me that kinda wants to look for another job. the museum is hiring, and i'm sure i'd like it there. but it just works with my schedule so much right now, and i really do love it there, so it least for the next few months i'll stay there. i'd like to reach the 1 year mark.

i'm the stage manager for 'the last night of ballyhoo' at harbor. another small ensemble show, in the studio this time. alexis is directing, and i couldn't be more thrilled to work with him, and the rest of the cast. it's going to be a great show.

jacqui and i got matching Noah's Arcade shirts. If mine comes in this weekend, we're gonna wear them together. i don't think i would do that with anyone else.

i'm off to get my karaoke with minica, steph and alex. maybe scuba steve won't hog the mic this time.
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Current Music: My Dick - Mickey Avalon
Only the Lonely
22 January 2008 @ 08:25 pm

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so  i wake up this morning to boomer's text that james mcavoy , keira knightley, and joe wright were snubbed for oscar nominations. my heart hurt.

i thought that would be the low point of my day.

not so much.

i get a text from ramina. then boomer. then ericka told me when she picked up lyndsie. then mom called me. then i got texts from jacqui and jonathan. then i finally read ONTD for it tofinallybe true.

heath ledger is dead. and i'm inconsolable
Current Mood: sadheartbroken
Only the Lonely
15 January 2008 @ 11:40 am
got some time to kill between clalss and work, so i though an update was in order.

that's right, class.  the nice little break has concluded and real life commences. i;m kind of glad. i like feeling productive, and i've got a decent course load to keep me busy. i just liked sleeping till 10:30. it's ok though. i really like my speech professor. it sounds like we're going to be doing some cool things in that class. i haven't met my other professors yet. i hope they don't suck. 

opening weekend of lend me a tenor was great. the houses were really small, but receptive. and that's what matters. i just hope that word of mouth will bring in bigger crowds the next 3 weekends. soif you haven;t seen it, GET ON IT!

i'm really happy with who maggie has become. i've struggled with developing this character almost the entire run. but i think i've finally become proud of who she is. maybe this whole acting thing is actually right for me.

mina's visit has been really nice. i've missed her so fucking much. i don't want her to go back. especially since i won't see her again till june. this week has just been a tease.

that's it for now i guess. i meet the rest of my instructors tomorrow, and then resume tenor over the weekend.

jacqui valdez, ramina mirmortazavi, kaitlin steinberg, and boomer matthews are the greatets friends a person could ever have.
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Only the Lonely
06 January 2008 @ 01:24 pm

rikki came up with the female equivalent of the term cock block...

pussy pass.

it's vulgar. but it's not supposed to be wholsome.

it's been a long week.

new year's eve was insane. what i remember of it. we wne tto the water street oyster bar for dinner (amazing sushi) then big bobby's for a huge blast. copious amounts of alcohol and people. i'll spare the details, but i ended up crying on bobby's bathroom floor wanting to go home. rikki and boomer took such good care of me. it was an insane way to ring in 2008.

shanyn went back to NYC. it was really depressing, because i didn't get to spend much time with her at all. she won;t come home until june, and that's if she doesn't have a job.

i don't want to go back to class.

my best friend comes home in 3 days. i'm so fucking ecstatic.

what are yoou doing this weekend? i'll tell you what. you're coming to see...

Lend Me A Tenor
January 11 - February 03
8:00 PM 

$16 for Adults
$13 for Military and Seniors 55+
$6 for Children and Students

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm with Sunday matinees on the last two weekends at 2pm.

Current Mood: accomplishedi finally upgraded itunes!
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Only the Lonely
25 December 2007 @ 12:10 pm

Current Mood: jubilantmerry